Weekly Updates


Fr. Paddy Keary and Thomas Scully. Thomas was our older member of the parish who died aged 99. May they rest in peace.

COVID-19 Notice

One way system in place, please be mindful to social distance from others.
No paper missalettes at mass due to COVID-19. The Bulletin will be on the website
As Anniversary Months Minds were missed due to COVID-19 please contact if you would like to make new arrangements.

Cemetery Sunday

We hope to have cemetery Sunday on the 2nd August. Mass will be held outside and people to attend individual graves with social distancing in mind.

Masses have Resumed

We would ask those attending to follow the one-way system and designated seating, while keeping a safe distance from others.


Monday – 7.30pm Eglish
Tuesday – 7pm Rath
Wednesday – 7pm Rath
Thursday – 7pm Rath
Friday – 7.30pm Eglish
Saturday – 8.00pm Rath
Sunday – 10.30am Eglish

One way system, please be mindful to social distance from others.

No newsletters at Mass due to COVID-19. The Bulletin will be on this website.

Charitable Contribution

Charitable Contribution Certificates Renewal.
Thank you. We will contact each tax payer individually.


We are very pleased that our community did not suffer health-wise during this global pandemic. Many have experienced less stress, reconnected with their home, nature and with the help of new technology, with family and friends also. A lot of parents have said it has been a joy to spend more time with children.

We hope as life's pace starts to pick up again, we can remember to prioritise what matters and keep a tight connection to what is important and value what we have.

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Welcome To The Eglish & Drumcullen Parish Website

Eglish & Drumcullen Parish is based in south County Offaly, near the town of Birr.

There are two churches in the parish, St John the Baptist's Church, Rath and St James Church, Eglish.

Sunday Mass Archive.

Masses broadcast live from the Parochial House are available on the parish Youtube channel.