Weekly Updates

Remember Alo O'Boyd (Month's Mind) and Kathleen O'Brien, whose anniversary occurs at this time.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Chrissy O'Meara, who died recently. May she rest in peace.

Welcome To The Eglish & Drumcullen Parish Website

Eglish & Drumcullen Parish is based in south County Offaly, near the town of Birr.

There are two churches in the parish, St John the Baptist's Church, Rath and St James Church, Eglish.

Sunday Mass

Sunday Mass will broadcast live from the Parochial House until further notice.

It will be at or close to the usual time of 10.30am
Note that the broadcast may start a while in advance but the Mass will not start before 10:30am.
It will be streamed live on YouTube. Please follow this link to the live broadcast.

Otherwise the link will simply redirect back to this page.
Please refresh your browser page from time to time to ensure the link updates.
Sunday Mass Live Image

Click the Red image above to go to the live broadcast page.
Note that it could take a couple of minutes for the live stream to begin.

Youtube Channel

Click here to go to the parish YouTube channel.
Each Mass is archived and can be viewed later.

Please visit the Diocese website to view a list of other Masses that are broadcast Live.